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Safety, Survivability, Risk Assessment

SHARP Solutions

Safety, Security, and Risk Management

George G. Sharp, Inc. has provided system safety engineering, damage control engineering, and human engineering as well as program support services in these areas to the government and private industry since the 1960's. Through specialized training and national certification, SHARP has expanded its support capabilities to include risk management and maritime security. SHARP currently provides engineering, technical, and program support in these areas to the Naval Sea Systems Command, the Military Sealift Command, the United States Coast Guard, the Maritime Administration, and commercial shipyards.  SHARPs current team possesses a wealth of U.S. Navy and commercial shipboard experience that is backed by experience in marine engineering design.  SHARPs engineers and technicians have a broad spectrum of experience including navigation, combat systems, engineering, damage control, fire fighting, supply, and deck systems.  SHARPs years of ship design experience further enhances its maritime knowledge and skills.  In addition, a variety of educational and technical backgrounds, enhanced by cross-field and cross-function training, intensifies SHARPs corporate capabilities in the area of marine safety including System Safety Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Environmental Pollution Control Systems, Technical Publication Development, Hazardous Material Reduction and Control, Personnel Protective Equipment, Damage Control, and Risk Management.

Areas of Expertise

Safety, Security, and Risk Management

  • Risk Assessments

  • Damage Control

  • Survivability

  • Maritime Security

  • Human Systems Integration (HSI)

  • Program Management

  • Ship Design Lessons Learned

  • Critical Task Analysis to Identify Hazards

  • Safety Baseline Specifications

  • Safety Course Curriculum Development/Instruction

  • Ship Inspections (Design Drawing Verification)

  • Shipboard Safety and Compliance Surveys

  • Human Factors Engineering

  • Shipboard Accident Investigations

  • System Safety Analysis

  • Regulatory Assessments

  • Design Integration

  • Commercial Specifications

  • Documentation Development/Revisions

Marine Surveys

  • Soliciting bids from qualified shipyards in the course of preparation of a contract design

  • On-site surveys of commercial and naval vessels

  • Shipyard inspection work on behalf of clients

  • Teams available worldwide

 Representative Clients

  • Naval Sea Systems Command (U.S. Navy)

  • Naval Air Systems Command (U.S. Navy)

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center (U.S. Navy)

  • Program Executive Office, Aircraft Carriers (U.S. Navy)

  • U.S. Maritime Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation)

  • United States Coast Guard

  • City of New York

  • Battelle Memorial Institute

  • Computer Sciences Corporation

  • Anteon Corporation

  • VSE Corporation

  • Technology Management and Analysis Corporation

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